Derek Havens



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer;

Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA)


About Derek

Take ordinary people and make them extraordinarily strong.

Turning Point

I was an avid sports enthusiast throughout my youth playing baseball, basketball, running track & swimming in the Gasconade. After high school I joined the military and have been in the Missouri Army National Guard for the past 22 years. During that time I was deployed twice, once to Baghdad, Iraq and the other to the Sinai Peninsula sandwiched between Egypt and Israel. It was there in the Sinai that I found my love for Crossfit and HIIT. Upon returning from the Sinai deployment it did not take long and AK HIIT was born. Born out of a necessity and community responsibility. As I looked around I noticed a trend. People were just tired and out of shape. They needed a place to go get sweaty - burn off some stress - and leave fitter and better functioning humans. AK HIIT opened in 2013 and quickly work caught on.

Motivation & Passion

My Passion and Motivation stems from helping someone drop the word "can't" from their vocabulary. We humans are remarkable creatures and are capable of so much. I love seeing someone do something they once thought was impossible. The smile on their face when they complete the task is all I need to know that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Helping people become better version of themselves.

Abby Havens


Getting Up & Being Strong & Able


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


About Abby

Helping people feel better physically and realizing that their only roadblock is themselves; is the best job EVER!

Turning Point

I was out of shape! All through high school I was active in softball & basketball and as time passed and two kids later I realized I was tired & out of shape. With my husband being deployed I found sanity in working out, it gave me “ME” time which in my opinion everyone needs. I finally decided that focusing on me made me a better mom, wife and friend. I found my first love of “HIIT workouts” and the rest is history.

Motivation & Passion

My Passion is helping others become or stay healthy. Unfortunately the world is kind of stacked against us so being able to move functionally throughout life is my passion and my motivation is watching people achieve this. There is nothing better than a message of “my blood pressure is lower”, “My cholesterol is lower” “I feel better” “my balance is better” and I could go on and on. Bottom line is helping people realize their capabilities is quite frankly the best!

Christina Herzing


About Christina

Fitness has always been a big part of my life and as I push the 40 year mark, I am more determined to meet my personal health and fitness goals. Being a mom of 2 active boys, they are my incentive. I don't ever want to feel like I can't keep up with them. So many of us sit on the sidelines but I prefer to be in the game.

Motivation & Passion

Whether I'm coaching kids or coaching fitness, I have found that half the battle is believing you can do it. The reward for me is in seeing someone believe in themselves and pushing thru the fear of failure. In my opinion, fitness is about so much more than exercise, it's about seeing the bigger picture. It's about making positive changes, stepping outside your comfort zone, and staying motivated to meet your health and fitness goals. Don't waste another day. Today is the day to start a journey to a better you.

Casey Bruce


About Casey

Been in an active lifestyle my entire life from basketball, softball, track, and crosscountry through out high school even though I was not the most athletic person. I loved the feeling of satisfaction playing a sport gave me. I loved the environment of being around likeminded people. After school I went to running as my only fitness. I still love running but never saw the results I wanted. I coached high school crosscountry and track but never got the same enjoyment as being on a team of peers. When this gym started I jumped at the opportunity to get back in shape, to be with friends, and it has been one of the best choices I have ever made!

Motivation & Passion

Watching doubt and fear on an athletes face as they hear a workout turn to a smile of pure joy because they conquered something when they doubted themself is the most amazing feeling as a coach. Walking through the door is always going to be the hardest part because once inside the people, the atmosphere, the owners/coaches will allow you to do great things!

Brittany Brune

AK HIIT Media and Spotlights

More about Brittany

In an effort to create a welcoming invitation to join the AK HIIT family, Brittany assists with social media strategies, content ideation, promoting the brand and advertising the opportunity of making a healthy lifestyle change.

She also attends every HIIT class and is sure to tell us what part of her body is sore the next day. One day she hopes to be able to do a real muscle up.