Class Offerings

HIIT/Group Class

Group HIIT sessions offer high intensity full body workouts in a structured interval training setting that goes far beyond the beaten path of circuits and stations. Our facility hosts Group HIIT that combine intense cardio with resistance training to create the ideal metabolic demand for effective long-term fat loss and overall conditioning. We are a place to break down boundaries you never thought possible and transform your body and mind through fitness using kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, pipes, rings and of course our own bodyweight.

Barbell/Power Hour

For athletes who want to accelerate their knowledge, skill set, technique, and desire to perform Olympic and Power Lifts.

Barbell is a cardio paced workout, where Power Hour is all about slowing it down with little cardio and making an athlete Strong.

Barbell and Power Hour will help athletes with proper bar paths and body position in order to improve efficiency, power output, and safety regarding all barbell movements.